[Bell Historians] Somerset Bellfounders.

Susan & Christopher Dalton dalton.family at IOu0GgkpUUMVloQ1af4EmZNTky02P1lMMBvVu0jCvz-IDKVC9JiGAG86NoJkClGWdrjma9bKBvXo3HQApTZS.yahoo.invalid
Mon Apr 23 10:22:27 BST 2007

> Then there is the set of bells including Yeovilton tenor, which claims to be
> cast by Petter of Yeovil - others in this set bear the names of several
> other 'founders'. I don't believe anybody really knows who actually cast
> them or where, but Chris Dalton knows more about them than anyone else.

...which is not a lot, I am afraid.  I put what I know in the relevant
chapter of Dorset Part III, and it seems fairly certain that Bristol was the
place of casting.  Since then, Richard Jones and I have looked in detail at
Market Lavington and could believe that these 6 bells are by the same
founder as Yeovilton, Lamphey et al.  All are excellent castings and
contrast oddly with Stapleton treble and some other L & J bells of about
this date (1870s).

If I find out more, I'll put it in Wiltshire Part III when the time comes.



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