New Chimes

Mike Chester mike at
Thu Apr 26 22:16:28 BST 2007

Those that keep records might be interested in a couple of new chimes.

Poulton Lancelyn, Cheshire, Poulton Hall, The Brewhouse Clock Tower. 
16 (13 + 3) 0-2-19 in F. Computer-operated chime. installed 2007 by 

....The chime is squeezed into an unbelievably small turret (approx 4 
ft by 4 ft). At present, it can only play pre-programmed tunes. A 
touch-sesitive keyboard is shortly to be installed. Of the chime 
bells at Poulton the largest nine can not be seen except from below 
but the tenth bears the inscription "In Memoriam/Roger 1918-
1987/Richard 1953-2004/ Scirard Lancelyn Green Erexit/MMVII" 
Linked to this:-

At Mr Green's Lighting factory near Wantage a 5 bell clock chime

"An older bell in the new belfry near Wantage, (which also has a 
chime of 4 new bells in B), is by Thomas Purdue 1650, at 353Kgs. It 
was originally from Chilcompton, Somerset, and retuned by Taylors (we 
think it was a sharp Bb now retuned to B). The chime bells start at 
58Kgs and are B, D#, E, F#. The largest bears the 
inscription "Poulton Hall Estate 2007", new bells also cast by 

Info from Helen McCahey, with quotes from the owner.



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