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As Ringing Master at Wantage Parish Church, I'd be very interested to 
know the exact location of the new chime at Mr Green's Lighting 
Factory, of which I have no knowledge.


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> Those that keep records might be interested in a couple of new 
> Poulton Lancelyn, Cheshire, Poulton Hall, The Brewhouse Clock 
> 16 (13 + 3) 0-2-19 in F. Computer-operated chime. installed 2007 by 
> Eijbouts
> ....The chime is squeezed into an unbelievably small turret (approx 
> ft by 4 ft). At present, it can only play pre-programmed tunes. A 
> touch-sesitive keyboard is shortly to be installed. Of the chime 
> bells at Poulton the largest nine can not be seen except from below 
> but the tenth bears the inscription "In Memoriam/Roger 1918-
> 1987/Richard 1953-2004/ Scirard Lancelyn Green Erexit/MMVII" 
> Linked to this:-
> At Mr Green's Lighting factory near Wantage a 5 bell clock chime
> "An older bell in the new belfry near Wantage, (which also has a 
> chime of 4 new bells in B), is by Thomas Purdue 1650, at 353Kgs. It 
> was originally from Chilcompton, Somerset, and retuned by Taylors 
> think it was a sharp Bb now retuned to B). The chime bells start at 
> 58Kgs and are B, D#, E, F#. The largest bears the 
> inscription "Poulton Hall Estate 2007", new bells also cast by 
> Eijbouts.
> Info from Helen McCahey, with quotes from the owner.
> mike


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