[Bell Historians] Whitechapel and canons

David Bryant David.Bryant at VumDlQUV-yhO8o3E4Dp1G09QZCQzPG5u1Kwf30qz4AtyO3VEeiH_0tntrHRrdvbZ0SAYJa4tgTwKCK1FNy4Nvzs.yahoo.invalid
Fri Aug 10 15:16:12 BST 2007

"There is a note on the Church Bells of Gloucestershire website to the 
effect that the trebles of 8, and therefore I assume the later 
trebles of 10, at Pebworth are the only bells cast by Whitechapel for 
ringing since 1952 with canons. This also is what I remember from the 
RW article about the 1995 augementation. "
Aren't the Pebworth ones Doncaster Heads rather than traditional canons?
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