[Bell Historians] Sunderland Minster.

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Sun Dec 2 13:25:08 GMT 2007

At 12:27 on 02 December 2007, David Bryant wrote:
> "Some great minsters, such as York and Beverley, are cathedrals."

> Beverley Minster is not a cathedral.

The answers in the 'CT' aren't always 100 per cent accurate. They come
from readers (i.e. readers of the CT, not those holding the office of
reader, though, in the case of this particular answer, the author is
both). But they publish them in the hope of generating more
correspondence. Someone will undoubtedly send in a correction. It is
nevertheless a bit odd that the CT should publish such an obvious error.
Regular CT readers are the sort of people who are well aware that
Beverley isn't a cathedral. However, the other answers are interesting
and well-informed and illuminate C of E thinking on the topic. They also
show that it is almost impossible to eradicate from public perception
the idea that all cities have a cathedral.  Even some on this list seem
to make the connection.

John Camp


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