Lost and Found 2

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Mon Dec 3 13:39:41 GMT 2007

Lost and Found 2: Record Peals on Tower Bells
A new CD comprising ten recordings of record peals rung on tower bells
between 1965 and 2007. 
1.	Birmingham Cathedral 15699 Stedman Cinques 
2.	Birmingham Cathedral 16638 Cambridge Surprise Maximus 
3.	Daventry 15120 Bristol Surprise Royal 
4.	Knowle 20160 Stedman Triples 
5.	Worcester All Saints 20001 Stedman Cinques 
6.	Leighton Buzzard 10560 Four Spliced Surprise Royal 
7.	Worcester All Saints 20064 Bristol Surprise Maximus 
8.	Edenham 25000 Stedman Caters 
9.	Worcester All Saints 12432 Orion Surprise Maximus 
10.	Oxford St Thomas 23320 London (No3) Surprise Royal 
The CD costs £8 and will make an ideal Christmas present.
Proceeds from the sale of the CD go towards the Worcester Cathedral
Teaching Centre for Bellringing. 
If you would like a copy please send £8 (including post and packaging,
add £1 for overseas) to:
Mark Regan 22 Sebright Avenue, Worcester, WR5 2HH (email
markregan at Ekhf8i-9H0TbjRoQZlRA-vsw3UWOfKiM7Ml6Aeze9X21kXiBiyi7d1lppGKu5jHPsSMK8iQvfoH4AME.yahoo.invalid). Cheques payable to Worcester Cathedral. Paypal
available for buyers outside the UK
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