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That would be tricky as PLT has been dead a while, but it was his idea.
Without the time to do much research, it look as though he decided to
make the treble 25 cents sharp of the tenor, irrespective of whether
that was a 12 or an 8 and then calculated a progressive sharpening of
the intermediate bells. For example, for an 8, rather than multiplying
the tenor progressively by the 12th root of 2 (1.0594631 ish) he would
use the 12 root of 2.0269 (which is the ratio you get if you sharpen the
treble by 25 cents (1.060739 ish))




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Mark Regan:

> The best 12s with stretched trebles for this period are Pier Head 
and Evesham. Their figures may help...

I don't have the figures for Pierhead. Evesham are interesting, the 
back ten are not stretched at all. The trebles have tentative 
sharpening (21 cents in the treble, 13 cents in the second) but not 
full stretch. Here's a list of peals and dates, the figure quoted is 
the average stretch in cents per octave:

Evesham (1951) - 0.06 cents back ten, 7.1 cents all 12
Cambridge (tuned 1952) - 25.4 cents
Tewkesbury (1962) - 25.8 cents
Melbourne (tuned 1962) - 27.1 cents.

I could go on at length about this, with more examples ...

However, I asked a different question. Does anyone know the approach 
used in Taylor's foundry / tuning shop to decide how much to stretch 
these peals? A first-hand account would be brilliant.


Bill H


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