[Bell Historians] Stretch tuning

Richard Offen richard.offen at mnEm6-cnrOQ3ssb81QGyJevT1dKq0iJZVax87f6pNjlGMP2uPFNNXWoKhflXHau-SHPBm9B6a5qvL_BfrOb4smphuA.yahoo.invalid
Tue Dec 4 14:11:45 GMT 2007

> I agree with Richard's observation about this tuning schedule, more 
>so on higher numbers. "Octave" pairs 25 cents apart dodging together 
just grate to my ear. However, the tower acoustics play a large part in 
how pronounced that effect is.

Andrew is so right about the tower acoustics playing a big part in 
accentuating the lack of a proper octave: the tenor and treble at St 
George's are quite painful to listen to dodging together   ...having 
just got back from practice there, they are still discordantly ringing 
in my ears!



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