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I have successfully un-stretched a couple of peals - Amersham and
Farnham by retuning the front five to the tenor as the other two are not
sufficiently sharp to have an effect. Front 4 would do.


In a vain attempt to get a holiday in Perth, Richard, I'll come and do
the retuning if you can get the bells out and find somewhere with a
suitable boring machine.


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> Andrew is so right about the tower acoustics playing a big part in 
> accentuating the lack of a proper octave: the tenor and treble at St 
> George's are quite painful to listen to dodging together ...having 
> just got back from practice there, they are still discordantly 
ringing in my ears!
> R

PS. It's a shame because, individually, St George's bells are very 
nice; the trebles are a bit thin for my liking, but nonetheless 
extremely pleasant ...it's just when you ring them together that the 
effect is ruined!



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