[Bell Historians] Stretch tuning

Richard Offen richard.offen at LiJrlzcx6lsZhBn67i2KSOlrdmAKC0ZMA9fTfmRW5aErBWbnpwc6RMTNLLL_8DDF-dOekPyNkm4XilQ4WhBdc8tdi6g.yahoo.invalid
Wed Dec 5 01:59:16 GMT 2007

--- In bellhistorians at yahoogroups.com, "Andrew Higson" <andrew-
higson at ...> wrote:
> I have successfully un-stretched a couple of peals - Amersham and
> Farnham by retuning the front five to the tenor as the other two are 
> sufficiently sharp to have an effect. Front 4 would do.
> In a vain attempt to get a holiday in Perth, Richard, I'll come and do
> the retuning if you can get the bells out and find somewhere with a
> suitable boring machine.

Thanks Andrew, nice try!    I do know where there is a suitable machine 
in Perth ...could also do the job myself!   

Trouble is the trebles would end up even thinner than they are now and 
the problems involved in getting them out (concrete floor below the 
bells with no trap and a chancel organ on the first floor) make it a 
not very tempting propect.

Guess I'll just have to warn my dentist that I'll continue to grind my 
teeth every time I ring at St Georges!

Tuning aside, you know you are always welcome in Perth.



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