[Bell Historians] Stretch tuning

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Thu Dec 6 11:48:47 GMT 2007

"Bill Hibbert's most interesting response, to me poses the question: 
Why have thick trebles with all the tuning problems associated with a
variable casting scale?
Is it a matter of acoustic power?
Possibly but:
The days when the absolute maximum sound and carry from a peal of bells
was required are long passed, and a huge amount can be done with louver
design and bell chamber internal design to increase output, should it
ever be needed."
There are two issues here - one is acoustic power, and whatever the
tower acoustics under-weight trebles will always sound weak. There is
also the matter of timing. If the trebles are too small and light they
will turn too fast with respect to the tenors and consequently be very
difficult to strike. THe more bells there are in the ring, the more
these issues become important and the heavier the trebles will become
relative to a 'normal' bell of their note.
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