[Bell Historians] St. Barnabas Pimlico

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>From G&J bell records Volume 10 p102:
Pimlico [no exact place given] No. 4828; 1 bell; 20" dia; 1-2-20 in A 870hz. October 26, 1933.

The above may be of interest.
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  On a recent visit to London I took the opportunity to walk to Pimlico. 
  The church has obviously had a vast amount of money spent on it and is 
  now shining white with cleaned and replaced stone. The slate louvres 
  also look brand new. Unfortunately the exterior gate was locked and I 
  was unable to gain access to the interior or the vicarage. The school 
  was open but I deemed it to be intrusive to try to gain access to the 
  church by trying to attract attention there. I am told that the church 
  interior is amongst the most ornate in London.
  I remember Alan Taylor indicating that there might be some bell 
  activity there once the restoration of the church was completed. If 
  this is the case, has any bell related work been considered?
  Judging by the proximity of the neighbouring commercial and domestic 
  buildings a very efficient sound control system would be mandatory.
  The exterior of the adjacent church buildings has not benefitted from 
  any contemporary restoration.

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