[Bell Historians] St.. Magnus Lower Thames Street.

Dickon Love dickon at tX0gjOHSweI7DNBmrzaAkFnEvdj_sOn9gn3F7lwOIXi4qOwG1_V3wpsM3XlpZG1lLR4tbzVQe0-5.yahoo.invalid
Fri Dec 28 09:43:25 GMT 2007

"Does DrLove have any information that can come into this domaine
concerning the progress of this project?"

The drawings are currently with the London DAC for their consideration
at their November meeting.  The DAC has been working closely with us on
the details (as there is considerable building work involved) and
remains very supportive.  Once we have the faculty, Whitechapel can
proceed to cast the bells, and the builders can move in to renovate the

In the mean time, we still have another £30k to raise, so do keep the
money coming in.

Happy New Year all.



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