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Fri Dec 28 10:45:10 GMT 2007

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> "Does DrLove have any information that can come into this domaine
> concerning the progress of this project?"
> The drawings are currently with the London DAC for their 
> at their November meeting.  The DAC has been working closely with 
us on
> the details (as there is considerable building work involved) and
> remains very supportive.  Once we have the faculty, Whitechapel can
> proceed to cast the bells, and the builders can move in to renovate 
> tower.
> In the mean time, we still have another £30k to raise, so do keep 
> money coming in.
> Happy New Year all.
> DrL

Are you anticipating that the London DAC will drag its heels as much 
as it has with previous applications for work concerning bells?



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