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Fri Dec 28 22:37:36 GMT 2007

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> RCO:
> "Are you anticipating that the London DAC will drag its heels as much 
> as it has with previous applications for work concerning bells?"
> I am not sure of any occasion where the DAC has dragged its heels over
> bells.  If you are referring to St Michael's Cornhill, the DAC did 
> a lot of correspondence to deal with, but they did deal with it timely
> enough and approved the application.  If you were actually referring 
> the Chancellor of the Diocese - well - that's a different matter, and 
> hope we won't see the same delays at St Magnus as other faculties (not
> just bell related ones) seem to have been facing.
> DrL

So it's the Chancellor, not the DAC causing holdups.   I was aware of a 
good many delays over the last few years, which have always been blamed 
on the DAC, but from what you say, it is not them!

Thanks for the information.



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