[Bell Historians] Re: Dr John Eisel's article on Tintinnalogia's author

Alan F. Ellis alan_ellis at wc59CHjQmIaT7oZxf2mcjIdRExZIJPdfiNPzEN_HO6TgvSItqDDWOLIPFr8UevrvdAoOHvQPlf5XlPu2Ls4.yahoo.invalid
Wed Jan 17 06:35:26 GMT 2007

Hello Eddie,

Thanks for your reply. 

I was looking for the references in a hurry and now I have them.  I have 
'Giants of the Exercise' so once I had the references I had no trouble 
in finding out what I needed.

Best wishes



edward martin wrote:

> Hello Alan
> My computer has been down a couple of days & have lost some things  
> so  I don't know whether or not anyone answered your plea!!
> If not...I have a copy of John Eisel's book: "Giants of the Exercise" 
> in which he includes bios of both Duckworth & Stedman ..... could this 
> be what you are thinking of?
> If so, Bruce Butler has copies for sale in the NAG Bookservice  at (I 
> think) $18
> cheers
> Eddie
> On 13/01/07, Alan F. Ellis <alan_ellis at O7rsdcsUsvFDtSlYlM8Hi7NeawejNEFxOXPEmc0RNJR_U6YRJFOk-NLmDtJpr9i8LlbezT0prTIeUZb5.yahoo.invalid 
> <mailto:alan_ellis at O7rsdcsUsvFDtSlYlM8Hi7NeawejNEFxOXPEmc0RNJR_U6YRJFOk-NLmDtJpr9i8LlbezT0prTIeUZb5.yahoo.invalid>> wrote:
>     Hello Everyone,
>     Does anyone out there happen to know where I can locate a copy of
>     Dr John Eisel's article on the authors of Tintinnalogia and
>     Campanalogia?
>     Best wishes
>     Alan Ellis
>     Vancouver BC

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