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I've checked Ron Sharp's obituaries (RW 1978 pp.407, 532 and 926) and the supplementary article by Martyn Marriott giving details of his peals (RW 1979 p.231). It turns out that he rang 959 peals in all

Interestingly (as Martyn observed) he had two other near misses - he rang 188 at his own tower (Maulden), and 594 for the Beds Association. A third near miss was that he never circled the tower at Maulden - he needed the tenor to complete the circle. He never rang a peal on twelve and never took part in a handbell peal.

I moved to Bedfordshire in January 1978 and Ron died on 7 May after a short illness. His last peal was on 22 April. I was always sorry that I never met him - one of Bedfordshire's ringing characters and a link with the past

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