[Bell Historians] King's Lynn

David Bryant David.Bryant at 9AEvHwOpToyFyenxJnyFF71QxVYjL8uXFCSfN_lh56W5dkoV2ZYPLOzsXb1QLkxmtZPUmo4KhFATN79eZg.yahoo.invalid
Wed Jul 4 13:24:09 BST 2007

"It's a normal low side cast iron frame. Pre merger, not that it would
have affected the design. Why would we throw away the form book and
start designing new concept bellframes?

Once someone secures it to the tower it will perform to expectation just
like Northampton and New York do which both post date it."

As I thought! So on what grounds is the vicar claiming there is a
problem with it? Sounds like a case of him trying to pass the buck!



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