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Surly if a grillage of sufficient strength, with a reasonable design
margin, which probably requires  a factor of 5:1. 
The  frame design and layout can only change the stresses over a small
range, nothing like enough to seriously eat into a proper grillage
design margin.

How can frame design, or anything else the Bellhanger dose, for that
matter be a problem if the grillage is correct? 

I have done a bit of calculation around bolts and cannon straps. The
design margin on these is typically 10:1 or more. I would be surprised
if frame yield margins are less, as rigidly rather than structural yield
strength govern design.

The real disaster is that the fail indicates no margin and possibly a
significant negative.

That required the grillage securing not just to be improved, but to be
at the very least 5 times stronger.
I bet that will be difficult!

If I remember advice was taken on the steelwork dimensions, I hope that
is correct?

What really is inexcusable is that modern concretes can be made with a
verity of additives, fills and reinforcements giving accurate
chrematistics which can be varied to produce an ideal performance in
almost any situation.
Hardness, strength, flexibility, permeability, adhesion and other
characteristics can be varied over a wide range.
It has taken 100 years of scientific development to reach this level of
technical competence.

At whim some "responsible" person can just ignore this and specify a
material that pre dates structural steel!

Similar appears to have been done to the method of anchoring structural
steel to concrete, also the subject of much research.

I am glad these guys do not design aircraft!

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