David Cawley appeals for calm

David Cawley dave at SFkcK1-06o9M0nqi6VnSLgxCKw5dcUMoIE6OUrBzr-Iv5b05JgrDjaURMnchkBp3OHd3WtRG9BPi8gsFleYl38ICJFZg.yahoo.invalid
Fri Jul 27 19:30:50 BST 2007

A line to thank people for their kind words to me privately and about me on the List.

Please can we now leave it there: I find it all difficult to bear at a personally difficult time.

Dr Baron had every right to be angry; he has accepted my apology and I believe knows that when I made my mistake I did so in good faith, as stated; without desire to "scoop" him. Of course, I should have asked, and none of this would have happened.  So I apologise for that as well.

The point was made somewhere about whether we bell historians would or would not put our researches 'on line'. Well, in many ways, we do; and there have been some significant contributions even if they have not been on this List. And since it has been mentioned, the Kent Bells list has been developed for anyone to see at considerable expense of time and no doubt of this worlds goods. It is a labour of Love, not only because that is its editor's surname. Other counties / associations have done the same. The proto-National Bells Register again is available to all. Recent postings have rightly extolled John Baldwin's work, and he in turn has acknowledged that of his contributors. And, so far as The Church Bells of the Channel Islands is concerned, I hope it does make a profit: not because I will benefit in any way, but if it does, the Winchester & Portsmouth Diocesan Association of Ringers Bells Restoration Fund gets ever penny.    

Please let's have no more recriminations, and no kickings off lists. Thank you.

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