[Bell Historians] Response from Dr. Mike Baron to recent 'List' emails re Eastry 'Sanctus' Bell.

Peter Humphreys pfh at oI1RnpZlTlfCggsqI2VLeOp3ljzH9K4A2xodLHUTo9xVBBW_nYpRQZur7VrtdITH4Kcxn5GSq_3x4wRHRf8p.yahoo.invalid
Sat Jul 28 14:28:20 BST 2007

>I am sorry if Mark thought he was banned - this was never the case.


I think we should stop talking about Mark Humphreys and his expulsion or
otherwise from this list unless Mark himself is included in the discussion.
I'm pretty sure that talking about people behind their backs is well outside
the remit of this list.


Don't worry - I made sure Mark was aware of this correspondence which, as I
now know, he already was. So it is not 'behind his back' - but thanks for
your concern.




His Dad!







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