[Bell Historians] Fen Ditton

Dickon Love dickon at gEwFLMKsQdTwCGJtaBCN-h6WKNUsCri8qVe7EqACD-swana_6xdzuYQQJMAIrHLnp17pVQ4nS387_IIpJQ.yahoo.invalid
Wed May 2 14:46:09 BST 2007

>  Similarly, we have recently removed the ring of six bells from Newtown to
>  be rehung for electrical chiming in Wrexham. It is a loss to the change
>  ringing exercise, but money spoke at the end of the day.

That was a shame, particularly as Stone-by-Dartford in Kent was prepared to have them to create a ring of 6 in that tower.



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