[Bell Historians] Fen Ditton

Sue Marsden erincaters at QRT2vGJeBg5povt7vrWVJ-rSMsUPIWD6zPz6PnT6Zd21oo7oXAdihwmmqhwrsPccajJ9ZtTNkyiDfnWvg-G27_B0.yahoo.invalid
Wed May 2 15:41:45 BST 2007

On 02/05/07, Dickon Love <dickon at 1kDwXn0KQA9PVhMfKmcJOa4TPcnG4cN8T5mjzGkO6_V8bMXJP9n0dtkpjVGGlXYMqky8ngEBuX2MWgP_FQ.yahoo.invalid> wrote:

> PS. I am with Sue Marsden on her judgment of the quality of the present Fen Ditton bells. I have rung a number of peals on them, and they are 'ok' but nothing more.

They should have been a lot better than 'OK' which is a shame. But
they are a lot better than many of the rings of 8 nearby - Histon,
Huntingdon, Littleport, etc, etc.


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