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The job was done by Bob Parker, and two  old bells were brought into the ring 
- the old Buckland Dinham clock bell as  the treble, and the old second from 
St.Paul's Bristol as the second.  

This is just about all there is to say. I assisted Bob Parker with  this job, 
whilst I was out of work. It is probably this job that kicked off my  
bellhanging career!
The late John Phippen told me that two trebles had been supplied in 1856  but 
they couldn't afford to hang them (The massive old frame filled the tower,  
and had the most unorthadox rope circle, due to the massive clock case in the  
ringing room). 1 of 8 was hung as a clock bell and 2 of 8 was eventually 
loaned  to Orchardleigh House (nearby) and was used as a stable bell (Stable Clock 
I  assume). John told me that the bell disapeared sometime around WWII.
The 6 were last rung in around 1955. In 1976 the old ellacombe apparatus  
from Lyncombe was fitted. Eventually in 1994-5 some bequests enabled the bells  
to be restored. They form a good light old style 8.
I have some photo's of the old bells and the 1995 restoration.
Hope this helps,
Matthew Higby & Company Ltd,
Church Bell  Engineers,
Jasmine Cottage,
The Street,
BA3  4HN.


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