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For the record, the Rudhall bell was lowered from the tower of St Paul, Bristol, by the then very newly established Hayward Mills Associates in 1993. It was also a very early Keltek transfer.
The bell had been standing on its frame since 1925 when Llewellins & James rehung the two 1795 bells (the 6th and tenor of an intended ten), and left the two bells purchased in 1792 standing on the  frame, which was made for 10 bells in 1795.

The other two bells went to Australia, and the 26-cwty tenor remains in the fine Rudhall frame.  
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  I gather that, when the bells were augmented from 6 to 8 in 1994, the new treble (Warner 1856) was the former clock bell and the 2nd (John Rudhall 1792) was formerly at St. Paul's, Bristol.

  Does anyone know who did the work in 1994 and what else was done here at the same time?

  Is there any other intereting information concerning these bells?


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