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Years ago, as a non-ringing organist at weddings, I would long for the ringers to stop making their noise, so that I could hear what I was doing. These days, more often a ringer than an organist at weddings, I tend to have the same thoughts about the organist. Especially in the case of a local tower (Grays, Essex) where the ringers cannot hear the bells at all until the organist stops playing!!

Richard Offen <richard.offen at SdSAiADoYCjlkAVahrfcei8YP7V7BuQ8E7s3V0-l8BR2aLyNvVDhdFeI9FZpBsJaXbrOPfNPaSktlok80sYi4NWnUZoe.yahoo.invalid> wrote:
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> I can't speak for conservationists, but as a parish priest, organist 
and ringer (rather better organist than ringer) all rolled into one, I 
sometimes wonder why I don't have more inner turmoil than I do!
> If conservationists are as uncooperative as our parish organist 
> PD

If you're all of those rolled into one, you need serious help!!!! I 
thought Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde were fictional characters!

Seriously though, some conservationists fully understand the concept of 
dynamic, living heritage, but they are few and far between!



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