[Bell Historians] Re: St Paul's buckets

John Camp camp at umIufiLAKaxdtLe0ULVaVPC96d4AzjCOeAywiUmCQYJE221imd7TB2JWKzw4Aag5HuO-qw6iO85DDen4BWU.yahoo.invalid
Mon Oct 1 11:45:54 BST 2007

At 11:27 on 01 October 2007, Andrew Higson wrote:

> Favourite line from the book of Psalms - Ears they hath and hear not
> - it seems so appropriate to many of our discussions!

Misremembered, I fear.

BCP: "They have ears, and hear not: noses have they and smell not." (Ps
115.6; "They have ears, and yet they hear not: neither is there any
breath in their mouths." (Ps 135.17).  KJV is similar.

You can't have 'they hath' any more than you can have 'they has'.
'Hath' is singular -  an earlier version of 'has'.

John Camp


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