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This is what we will probably end up with. A new lighter ten below and the
old hung on beams higher up. The Chancellor will have the options and he
will decide. 


The present bells can’t be hung lower in the tower. All of the floors, bell
chamber, clock room and ringing room are stone. The present bells are in an
H frame with 8 bells below and 2 above. 





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So what do you actually want to do at St Lukes?

Sounds like it is a case for hanging the current bells for chiming 
high in the tower to satisfy the conservationists and hanging a new 
10 lower down the tower. Wish they had done that at Durham.

Are the bells actually too heavy or are they just hung too high up 
in a frame which doesnt resolve the forces as well as it could?


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> I am extremely glad that they are the only complete pre-tune 
harmonic 12 to
> survive. I am also thankful that they are unique.
> If you think they should be listed and preserved, I would suggest 
that they
> be put on display in the church yard. Then hang a musical peal of 
bells in
> the tower. Just imagine a sound such as the bells of York Minster 
> from the tower. I can't imagine that the St Paul's ringers would 
mind. As
> long as the tenor is heavy they would be happy.
> We have the same problem with the bells of St Luke's Chelsea. They 
> dreadful; they are too heavy for the tower and therefore go badly. 
But we
> are told they should be preserved as they are historically 
interesting as a
> Thomas Mears 2nd peal of ten. I wonder why Thomas Mears 2nd bells 
> getting rare. Although the last report from The Council for the 
Care of
> Churches, said they felt the bells should be preserved as a peal 
of TM2nd
> ten bells. But, as the trebles were so awful, new bells could be 
cast and
> hung in their place. But the old trebles should be hung dead in 
the tower.
> This breathtaking logic seems to miss the point, that with new 
trebles, the
> ring would no longer be a TM2 ten. And, the bells would still be 
too heavy
> for the tower, and therefore the tower would still sway and this 
> therefore make the bells tricky to ring. St Luke's is to go to the 
> of a consistory court.
> There is often the same debate over pipe organs. It doesn't matter 
what it
> sounds like, or if it is capable of accompanying a congregation or 
> it's old and therefore should be preserved.
> Alan


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