St. Patrick's Cathedral Melbourne

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I picked a recent reference to the above Cathedral and thought I would put in my two pence worth. On 29 November 1868 a peal of eight bells (which had arrived in Melbourne in February 1853 and had been stored at St,Francis's Church in the City)was consecrated by His Lordship Bishop Goold in St. Patrick's Cathedral Melbourne.

It was initially thought that St.Francis would be the cathedral but that did not eventuate (nor did a belltower).  At the present time a single nell stands in a small frame alongside the church.

Although St, Patrick's Society was formed straightaway, no ringing took place until about 1870. But one thing we will never know is why the bells in the Cathedral were hung anti-clockwise and why this situation should have been alowed to be perpetuated when the bells were rehung in 1988.  John.           
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