St. Patrick's Cathedral Melbourne

Richard Offen richard.offen at
Sun Oct 7 15:56:37 BST 2007

 But one thing we will never know is why the bells in the Cathedral 
were hung anti-clockwise and why this situation should have been alowed 
to be perpetuated when the bells were rehung in 1988.  John.

Murphy seems to have always favoured a frame design that necessitated 
hanging his bells anti-clockwise - all of his rings still extant in 
Ireland are thus hung.   

Presumably, as at Richmond in Surrey, it was felt that putting St 
Patrick's bells back 'cack-handed' would retain some of the character 
of the original installation.   Personally, I have no problem with this 
and feel it would be sad if we lost all anti-clockwise rings 
but then, 
I was taught on an anti-clockwise ring so am biased!



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