[Bell Historians] Halifax

Carl S Zimmerman csz_stl at Pzh9YRCU5ew5JY-AHBVu3afsSGFfzF0y51pQe4I8OaaidTgXw-tU_YK0G4v0xI2efYW1Khc9ySCQNpZzXg.yahoo.invalid
Mon Sep 3 01:33:27 BST 2007

Also 14 bells (including 10 Meneely/Troy of 1921) in The Halifax 
Explosion Memorial Bell Tower, which is related to the ammunition 
ship catastrophe that John Cummins mentioned.  More details about all 
four chimes can be found on the GCNA Website.

At 09:31 +0100 07/09/02, George Dawson wrote:
>  St Agnes 18 Eijsbouts bells of 1967
>St Mary Cath G&J chime 11 bells 1920
>St John G&J chime 13 bells also 1920.


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