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Wed Sep 19 19:55:28 BST 2007

Hello David,

So I can't interest you in a copy of Dunkin's Church Bells of 
Cornwall?   :-)

I missed a copy of Shropshire a year or two back and I've never even 
heard or seen a Worcestershire!   I'll have to add that to my wish 
list.  The trouble is that some of these are large and two expensive to 
reprint, such as Staffordshire and Essex.

Best wishes


David Bryant wrote:

> Personally speaking, my interests are primarily in county bell books 
> and I would be interested to see reprints of some of those which are 
> the only source for their counties, and are pretty much unobtainable - 
> I'm thinking here particularly of a lot of Walters' work, such as 
> Worcestershire and Shropshire.
> David

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