[Bell Historians] Future Facsimile Books

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Thu Sep 20 07:22:42 BST 2007

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> Hello David,
> So I can't interest you in a copy of Dunkin's Church Bells of 
> Cornwall?   :-)
> I missed a copy of Shropshire a year or two back and I've never 
> heard or seen a Worcestershire!   I'll have to add that to my wish 
> list.  The trouble is that some of these are large and two 
expensive to 
> reprint, such as Staffordshire and Essex.
> Best wishes
> Alan

Both Worcestershire and Shropshire were originally published in parts 
in the journals of the archaeological societies of those two counties 
and, as such, are not too difficult to get hold of, but the 
individual volumes vary considerably in price depending on who the 
book dealer is.



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