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The extracts from the article on John Rogers are interesting and (to me - as below) helpful - so thanks.

Regarding John's first peal, the extract actually mentions two "first peals". Reading it, I think the one on the Peace Rejoicing day of 29th May was probably not a full peal - rather his first open / public ringing or (perhaps) his first 720. There is no record of any full peals being rung at Nutford Place. Felstead lists no peals at Putney in 1856, but records peals of Grandsire Triples on 3 January and 29 (or 28) December 1857. Perhaps John's first 5040 was the latter of these.

The interest for me is in the involvement of John Rogers in securing St.Martin-in-the-Fields as the headquarters of the Cumberlands. The date of 1849 is sometimes quoted for this, but having researched the peal records and other sources pretty exhaustively in connection with my work on the bells (now at Swan Bells in Perth, of course) I had concluded that the actual date was 1861. This seems to be confirmed by this extract. The College Youths and the Cumberlands had jointly in 1837 - a sort of informal acknowledgment of a shared interest in the tower. The next peal on the bells was by a College Youths band on 26 February 1838, followed - after repairs to the spire after lightning damage in 1842 - by another ASCY peal in 1844. The next peal, on 3 January 1854, was by the Cumberlands. A footnote to a peal on 30 October 1868, however, marked "the seventh anniversary of George Morriss as steeple keeper and also of the above Society as ringers" which implies that the Cumberlands became the parochial ringers at St.Martin's in 1861. This would seem to tie in with the period suggested in the article on John Rogers.

As to the latter period at St.Luke's, the suggestion that Wilfred Williams may have rung there in the 1930s (my earlier posting) would fit with it having been a Cumberland tower since Wilfred was a member of that Society at the time.

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