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AA wrote "How many of the objectors will have been to Cornhill during those 28 days?  Perhaps too much publicity was given to this project?"

You don't have to visit the church to be aware of the opportunity to comment. It is true to say, I think, that both "sides" took steps to tell people of the consultation period and actively encourage their supporters to make submissions. If too much publicity was given, then the parties are largely to blame.

A rather more worrying aspect - not mentioned so far - is that I understand the Chancellor has sought independent advice from a bell expert. Given that most people who we might think of as real experts in the field have already been involved one way or another, I wonder who has been approached - and what standing the "expert" might have among bell folk and ringers

Hoping for a result in favour of something a great deal better than they have now! The Church and conservation bodies are slowly constricting opportunities for enhancing churches with things of our own times - this "stop the clock" / "keep everything old irrespective of quality and usefulness" fashion must be checked.

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