[Bell Historians] Re: Cornhill

Robert Lewis editor at I3fda1JTBdXAh0zOwVl-7PEOwFKyqUpIKbGYjsDjUzuJhyXZT0dK4NbulXzgYaMGGeri5jOQ4yk2GXeJUA9Gxw.yahoo.invalid
Mon Jan 7 13:12:54 GMT 2008

Are there any time constraints on the Chancellor with regard to 
calling a Consistory Court hearing?

Presumably cases like Cornhill cannot be allowed to languish in the 
"Too Difficult / Pending" tray forever.

I would hate to miss it!


At 23:34 05/01/2008, JEC wrote:

>Sorry - I have to disagree profoundly with this. Proceedings in a
>Consistory Court are in the public domain. There can be no possible
>objection to knowing what the proposals are, who is objecting to them
>and why. A desire for secrecy seems to be the archetypal English
>John Camp


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