Alan Buswell's "new survey" (RW, page 541)

Nick Bowden nickwbowden at
Fri May 16 12:27:46 BST 2008

John Baldwin writes: 

> I have just sent Alan what I hope is the raw data for the new survey
> he proposes at the end of the article; it is appended below.   
> Please let me (and Alan) know if I have mis-classified any of them
> (ie, are there any missing, is there an entry which should not be there?) 
> 2005  8 Baldersby                          /     

There's bound to be some comment about Baldersby, which of course, are not a 
new ring, but reclassified as a ring since the last edition of Dove. I 
wonder if they will ever out again.....


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