[Bell Historians] ringing rooms of the mid-18th century?

Frank King Frank.King at xEL581lCU00gJmylSRPRe36a4XEMT8dMJq_yhMGmLjIisqEMv4KHcCdS2zd4KXLFva-W1lkmWraIPMHxKA.yahoo.invalid
Fri May 30 15:26:25 BST 2008

Dear Laura,

This sounds an interesting project...

> The education director at the church would
> like it if the ringing room were more
> "historic" looking.

There are any number of 1750s ringing rooms
in the U.K. that you could model but...

I am a bit suspicious of invented history and
surely the first thing you can do is to attempt
to find out how *your* ringing room looked in
former times.

> The only specific thing she has come up with
> so far is to get a tasteful wooden cabinet
> to enclose our plastic water jug...

She has a point there.  Can't you find an
earthenware jug?

Frank H. King
The University Bellringer
Cambridge, U.K.


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