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Some part of this might be true for Reading in that different town churches
are aimed at different parts of the " market " . A vicar of St Mary once told me
that his church concentrated on education ( whatever that means ) . At St Lawrence (12)
be prepared for a shock . ALL the pews have been removed and it is fitted out as
a young persons church . The Bishop of Reading I believe was based at Christ
Church or St Giles (8) - "high church" . Is then the title Minster to be awarded to
a town seat of a suffrigan bishop where nothing more obvious exists ?
Do we know if Buckingham is being upgraded to " Minster "
( I haven't lived in the ODG for the last 25 + years )

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There are a variety of reasons for the modern creation of Minster Parishes. Sunderland followed the town gaining City status and a local demand for a "Cathedral" not really understanding what that would entail. Thus they were given a Minster instead. In other places the idea of Minster churches has been introduced to reflect the grouping of city churches with, in effect, centralised clergy. This rationale was mooted in Nottingham during the merger of All Saints, St Peters and St Marys parishes but failed to be adopted.

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Diocesan Bishops now have the power to designate any church as a minister. Stoke on Trent St. Peter is now a Minister. The Diocese of Lichfield is divided into 3 Episcopal areas and the designation of Stoke as a Minister is perhaps to give some from of recognition to that Area.  In my view it is a sop to locals who feel neglected with the Mother church some 30 miles away.

I agree with David that the physical isolation of Doncaster St. George in the town centre makes it a very odd choice for a Minster.



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