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Mon Oct 13 15:28:46 BST 2008

I assume that we are talking about a service to rededicate the bell.  There is no formal order of service in either the Anglican or Catholic churches, but a number have been devised.  Like all these things, the ritual can be at either end of the churchmanship scale, from merely a few prayers to dedicate the use of the bell, to a full blown baptism using holy water mixed with salt, holy oil and prayers of exorcism to help the bell clear the evil influences from the air - "the phantoms, the storms and the lightning which threaten the peace of devout Christians who come to the church to sing the praises of God...".

Guess which flavour of dedication service has been occupying my interest lately. :)


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>  Anybody know the answer to this query or can make a  suggestion?
>  Peter Davies
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>  Good morning
>  I came across your excellent website when I was  searching for guidance on
>  a service for the raising of a church  bell.
>  I wonder if you will be able to help  me?
>  Our church of St Stephen's in Marton, New Zealand  is one of two churches
>  built in the early 1900s still with their
>  free standing bell towers.  Our bell tower has  spent most of this year in
>  two pieces in order to have untreated  wood
>  inserted and repairs made, while the bell has been  in storage.  The time
>  is now approaching when the top half  will
>  be lifted by crane and the whole structure  reinforced;  then the bell
>  will be re-hung.
>  I am sure there must be a service or some kind of  celebration for the
>  raising of a bell.  I should be most grateful  for
>  any information you can give me.
>  kind regards
>  (Mrs) Robin Peirce
>  Hawkestone Gardens
>  Wellington Road, RD 1 Marton, New  Zealand.         
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