[Bell Historians] An Enquiry

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Sat Sep 27 23:33:34 BST 2008

At 10:19 27/09/2008, Alan wrote:
>In G&J Tuning Book Volume 9 p87 there is a bell, Serial No. 4466 for 
>Croydon Fire Brigade. Croydon is (was) in Surrey hence SCC. (Surrey 
>County Council). It appears to be recast for some reason, is 10 
>1/16ins in diameter weighing 1qr 6lbs with a note of A$ 1862hz and 
>cast on 23 Feb 1932.
>Is this the bell refered to?

It has seems to have a royal cypher (ER and a crown) - that would 
make it either much earlier or later than 1932. My guess is later - 1950s?

The cypher would also suggest that it was not manufactured for a 
private company. Incidentally, there is a similar bell for sale at 
the moment at an architectural salvage yard in Hungerford and I have 
seen others.

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