[Bell Historians] Re: unusual stays

Roderic Bickerton rodbick at XZkxUI7oRJfPBFXCxitbo_xxlUzqYizNNncJ74TocmyUc4F6Vfdaqi1YktYS0HZVrGMXe3gxnofxEkxThfE7OIk.yahoo.invalid
Wed Jul 8 11:51:49 BST 2009

On that subject , Dordrecht have seen the neatest "new" idea I have seen in
a long while.
There is a stubby conventional stay with heavy rope loop on its end,
effectively extending it to conventional length
In place of the slider there is a substantial T ended steel catch pin.
In operation the rope catches under the t section as it goes beyond TDC and
arrests the bell.
The arrangement is virtually silent, and highly energy absorbing.
Result easy setting with very much reduced bounce back if the bell is set to
hard. In my opinion This is the only small ring where stays do not challenge
bell handling.
All together it's a brilliant installation, another problem of small rings,
Clapper knock has been eliminated. Every bearing and the frame supports have
slightly resilient mountings of cleaver design.


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