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The E.J. Osborn manuscript at the British Library. The initials E.I.O. used in the database are the resuklt of mistranscription by inputters in the early stages of computerising the records from Ken Felstead's database and should, of course, be E.J.O. 

I was not aware that the material was available online, but on a quick Google search I found the following item:

This does, indeed, include some material from the stuff at the British Library, but it certainly isn't a full transcript and doesn't include everything in the original manuscripts. The following is a summary list of the BL material which, as will be seen, includes a transcript of the Easter Scholars Ms. Apologies is this scrambles in transmission (it's cut-and-pasted from a Word file)

An expanded version of the British Library catalogue of the six volumes presented to the British Library (formerly British Museum) Department of Manuscripts by Mrs. Elizabeth Osborn, widow of Edward John Osborn, on 12 February 1853. Main details taken from BL printed catalogue. Additional information (in small type) provided by Chris Pickford February 1991.



Additional Manuscripts 19368-19373


19368-9           "Campanarium": containing "a complete Register of the Performances of all the known Ringing Companies in London and Westminster; with an account of the origin and proceedings of each Society. Together with a statement of peals rung in the country, and a correct transcript of the Hertford College Youths' Performances, with all their Ancient Proceedings" etc. "Collected and written by Edward John Osborn". With engraved views of churches. Paper XIXth cent. In two volumes. Folio.


                                19368  London and Westminster (entire volume)

                                                  Includes information on the following Societies

                                                                Union Scholars (36 peals)                                   1718-1757                                                                                                               London Scholars (2 peals)                                  1727-1729                                                                                                               Eastern Scholars (71 peals)                                                1734-1763                                                                                               London Youths (1st society) (52 peals)[1]         1753-1780                                                                                               London Youths (2nd society) (8 peals)[2]                1776-1801                                                                                               Junior Cumberlands (81 peals)                           1784-1824                                                                                                         Junior College Youths (72 peals)                       1820-1844                                                                                               St. James' Society (55 peals)                    1827-1840                                                                                               Ancient Society of College Youths (406 peals)[3]1724-1841                                                                                   Cumberland Youths (383 peals)[4]                       1747-1851                            



                    19369  The provinces (entire volume)

                                                  Includes information on the following Societies etc.                                                     Hertford College Youths                                   1767-1822                                   St.Albans College Youths                                              1765-1790                            Saffron Walden                                                       1799-1828                                  Cambridge Youths                                               1725-1797 

                                                                Oxford Society                                                      1807-1828                                   Canterbury                                                        1754-1845                                   

                                                                Dover                                                                     1729-1750

                                                                Maidstone                                                             1743,1794                               Quex Park, Gravesend etc.                                                                               

                                                                Brighton                                                                                1779-1833                            Norwich                                                                    1715-1845

                                                                Coventry                                                                               1807,1812                   Birmingham (91 peals)                                     1755-1844

                                                                Leeds, York, Wakefield, Doncaster etc.           1765-1843

                                                                Bristol                                                                    1782-1842

                                                                Gloucester                                                             1810-1820

                                                                Liverpool                                                               1800-1845                                      Reading                                                                          1734-1745

                                                                Bath                                                                        1754-1842

                                                                Wrexham                                                               1803,1818                                      Stroud                                                                             1815-1817

                                                                Cheltenham                                                           1826-1833

                                                                Longney, Glos [William Longney 1840]           1831-1833


                                                                Ashton-under-Lyne and Oldham                                                                             Cuttings from The Era and Bell's Life etc         1843-1852                                      Printed broadsheets or catalogues issued by bellfounders and bellhangers etc., including  John Briant of Hertford c.1808; John Wooding (bellhanger) "successor to the late Mr. Edward Simmons" c.1810; William Dobson of Downham Market, c.1820; John Taylor of Loughborough c.1840; John Rudhall of Gloucester c.1830; Thomas Mears of Whitechapel c.1810 (with later additions); and list of Charles Oliver of Whitechapel, bellhanger, c.1843



19370  "An Historical account of all the several ringing Societies ever known to have been established in London; with a description of the origins and proceedings of each Society. Collected and written by E.J.Osborn". Paper; XIXth cent. Folio.


19371  "Register of members and performances of the Societies of Union Scholars, 1713-1757, and Eastern Scholars, 1733-1763, Bell-ringers; with engraved views of churches. Paper; XVIIIth cent. Folio. 


19372  "An account of the Performances completed by the ancient or first Society of London Youths [Bell-ringers], established A.D.1753;" with list of members. Paper; XVIIIth and XIXth centt. Folio


                                Contains a record of 52 peals rung by the Ancient Society of London Youths (established 1753) rung between 1753 and 1780, with details of a 6-bell peal rung at Whitechapel on 16 April 1737, and list of performances (8 peals) by the second Society of London Youths (established 1776) 1776-1801. These peals are also recorded in Add.Ms 19368.


19373  Original register of the ancient society of College Youths; containing instructions for different peals, and a record of performances from the year 1726 to 1745; with a member's copper ticket. Paper; XVIIIth cent. Folio.



                   [1]. For the peals rung by the London Youths, see also Add.Ms.19372 

                   [2]. These peals are also recorded in Add.Ms.19372

                   [3]. The peals rung by the College Youths between 1724 and 1745 are also recorded in Add.Ms. 19373. The

 peal books from 1724 to date remain in the possession of the Society, and microfilm copies for the period 1724-1885 are held by the Society's librarian

                   [4]. The peal books from 1747 remain in the possession of the Society. A microfilm copy of the peal

 books 1747-1934 is held by the Society's Librarian

The Era was a C19th sporting paper - like Bell's Life in London - which carried quite a lot of ringing news. I don't have dates, but from memory coverage starts rather later (perhaps 1830s or 1840s) that the peals that Hazel is looking for. Cyril did indeed make many extracts, and John Eisel has access to these in the CC Library

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