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Thu Jun 25 13:08:01 BST 2009

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> I also wonder why some subscribers choose to only receive the digest?
> Nick

I am on several similar groups and cannot always get to my emails via the web during the days.  It is much easier for me to get all the emails from a group in one digest in order to follow the thread, rather than having to pick them out one by one in a long list of emails from various groups in my inbox. The digest email from Yahooogroups is "Threaded" which means that all replies to a given email are grouped together and it is therefore quite easy to see what is being discussed, as long as there is some cutting of text.

When I have a moment I will look on the website at the messages and reply individually, cutting out the text that is not needed in order to show to which point I am replying - as I have done in this case.



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