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There is no need to paint the ball of the clapper. Just the flight and the
small bit of the shank where the muffle is attached to the clapper.





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Both towers I regularly ring at (St. Peter's Chertsey & St. Peter's Staines)
have recently bought the Big Wilf muffles and the South African rubberised
paint he supplies. We have found both excellent. The muffles are well made
and the paint is excellent at stopping them slipping.

Don't paint the clappers with the bells up! Another tower I heard of did
this. Apart from being very dangerous, if you survive, you will end up with
the clapper stuck to the bell!

The paint takes weeks to wear off  your hands so wear latex gloves or


Alan Taylor wrote: 

Good experience with them at St Clement Danes. But, if you have shinny
slippery clappers you do need to paint the part of the shank where the
muffle is fixed and the flight. Big Wilf supplies the paint.





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What are people's experience with Big Wilf's muffles as opposed to the
standard Whitechapel muffles? Is it true the clappers have to be
treated with a non-slip paint first?

Advice welcome.



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