[Bell Historians] Cornhill, was Trafalgar Square old & ne

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Wed Mar 11 11:33:06 GMT 2009

> I think that at Cornhill there’s also issues about the suitability of the
> current ring for the tower. They’re somewhat crammed-in on two tiers, and if
> memory serves I think the tower rocked about somewhat. But I see Rod’s point
> about “interesting” and “different” twelves being replaced with identikit
> modern rings.
> Andrew Bull

This is an interesting point and has a lot of merit - part of the
appeal of ringing is the different weights and sounds of all the
different towers. Cornhill is obviously part of the London ringing
scene (I have never rung there) and there are a number of 12s in the
area, good, bad, easy, difficult. But what if the ring is the only 12
in the area and are difficult to ring as well as being not as good
tonally as other rings of 12? Great St Mary falls into this category -
it is easy to say that we should keep 'interesting' rings which are
less than perfect if one doesn't have to ring the back bells
regularly. Or less experienced 10 and 12 bell ringers are reluctant to
ring there because of their reputation


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