Buntingford, Layston, Hertfordshire

Bill Hibbert bill at dsFGM81jZ1E0iJ36bgwdO5E6f-qM0_PGyKeLpC0TwJfjapshyDqtBx_4PKfOuSI5C7UocRdwBHVHPc8Z3w.yahoo.invalid
Thu Mar 12 14:05:01 GMT 2009

I see from an urban exploreration site that access up the tower of this derelict church is currently open. Obviously the three bells there (two of which are by Butler, 1633) are at risk of theft. Photographs of them appear on the urbex site. I have emailed the district secretary of the HCA but also hope that someone on this list will know who to contact to get the tower secured.

Bill H


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