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The problem with the Churchcare database is that it is compiled from the ‘Lists of Bells….’. These originate with HBWalters in the 1930’s  & were updated in the 1970’s & 80’s by Ran Clouston. At that time there was no NBR from which to make comparisons. Now there is, and perhaps, as Pete says it is time to find out what is rare & what is not, on a national basis, not a diocesan level. That does not mean, however, that all bells by Bowen should be included, he seems to have been a very minor founder & somewhat clueless. Representative examples, yes, but no more. Incidentally are we sure that all these bells are actually by him, & not by other more major founders casting for him?




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Thanks very much for the replies on this topic, especially Chris. Doing a little bit of analysis shows:

9 known bells remaining in England
4 known bells remaining in Wales
1 known bell remaining in Scotland.

Yet a search on the CofE Churchcare database of listed bells shows only 1 of these, as "very rare".

As Historians, shouldn't we be recommending that the other 8 be added, or is this a problem that the database hasn't yet been reconciled at a national level?

Pete Dyson


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