CCCBR and English Heritage

Chris Frye Chris at
Thu Oct 8 15:04:25 BST 2009

On p995 of the 2nd October RW there is an excellent letter from Chris
Pickford covering a number of points. However there was one point that I did
not fully understand, probably due to my own lack of knowledge. It was the
part that said: "In terms of conservation,...the CCCBR and T&BC members
currently representing the exercise do not fully understand the delicacy of
the situation regarding ecclesiastical exemption - and are actually
undermining the position on this taken by the Church."  ("Church" = Church
of England I assume.)

I have some ideas what this may be about, but I would like to know for sure.
Can anyone explain what is the delicacy of the position and in what ways it
has been undermined?

If it's too long to explain then a reference to a press article or similar
would be perfectly good. 


Chris Frye



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