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Quick reply from the horse's mouth

The whole issue of Ecclesiastical Exemption is one of ongoing sensitivity - I wasn't referring to anything specific. 

As to undermining, any action that concedes ground to EH or other bodies (e.g. local authorities) by allowing them to have greater influence or power than their legal standing (or accustomed practice) allows is, surely, undermining Exemption

The system, of course, has its strong supporters and opponents both within and outside the Church (yes - the CofE). I didn't intend to open that can of worms. My offering was simply aiming to state that while Exemption is retained (and as long as the Church still wishes it to be retained) then care is needed. Certainly bodies like the CCCBR should not be wittingly or unwittingly compromising the chances or retaining Exemption which, so far, the Church has fought hard to retain


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  On p995 of the 2nd October RW there is an excellent letter from Chris Pickford covering a number of points. However there was one point that I did not fully understand, probably due to my own lack of knowledge. It was the part that said: "In terms of conservation,...the CCCBR and T&BC members currently representing the exercise do not fully understand the delicacy of the situation regarding ecclesiastical exemption - and are actually undermining the position on this taken by the Church."  ("Church" = Church of England I assume.)

  I have some ideas what this may be about, but I would like to know for sure. Can anyone explain what is the delicacy of the position and in what ways it has been undermined?

  If it's too long to explain then a reference to a press article or similar would be perfectly good. 

  Chris Frye

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